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What Is The Best Option To Get Your iPhone Fixed?

Did you break or crack the screen of your iPhone 3G/3GS/4? Do not worry, you can fix it... Here we are to help you fix your iPhone. You will find some information how to get your phone fixed and how much you will have to spend. Here are the best repair solutions for Apple products at the most affordable prices.

If the screen of your iPhone is cracked or if the phone is broken, new parts ware needed. Glass displays and digitizers are often needed for iPhone repairs but other parts might be needed depending on your issue. Here are the most common issues encountered by iPhone owners:

You can fix your iPhone yourself or send it to a professional to have it repaired

Anyway we all have just 3 ways:

As an iPhone owner, you probably know that these devices are sold with a one-year warranty. However, this warranty only covers damages caused by a manufacturing error. Using the official Apple channels to get your iPhone fixed can be very expensive. You might end up paying as much as $300 to have your screen replaced. This is why so many iPhone owners turn to other options.

How much does it cost to have an iPhone 3G/3GS fixed?

If your iPhone 3G/3GS has a broken screen, you will have to spend between $49 and $299 to get it fixed. Here are your options:

Have your iPhone fixed by Apple ($199 to $299):

A cracked screen means you qualify for the iPhone 3G Out-of-Warranty Service offered by Apple. You can have an 8GB iPhone fixed for $199 but will have to spend $299 to get a 16GB iPhone 3G fixed. You can either go to the nearest Apple Store or contact Apple Customer Support. Keep in mind that there might be a long waiting period for this service.

Fix your iPhone 3G yourself ($49 to $99):

It is possible to fix your iPhone yourself if you are willing to put some time and work into it and can keep your fingers steady enough. There are many kits and step-by-step instructions available online if you are not afraid to tinker with your phone.

It is possible to find a new glass display and a digitizer on the Internet so that you can fix your phone yourself. You are going to need a glass display AND a digitizer, even if only the screen is broken. You can buy a glass display by itself for less than $30 but you will not be able to fix your phone. Installing a new glass display and a digitizer can be challenging. This solution is only for those who have a little experience working on electronics and who are confident in their ability to install the new parts.

Fixing your phone yourself or having someone who is not authorized by Apple to fix your device goes against Apple’s warranty.

It is best not to fix your phone by yourself unless you have some experience with electronics. A lot of people have tried and ended up damaging their phones.

Have an iPhone repair company fix your phone ($79 to $150):

This is the best option for most iPhone users but it can get just as expensive as a PC repair job. The advantage of going to a repair service is that you can get your phone fixed right away. Our top-rated iPhone repair services can take care of any issue you are experiencing with your device.

Online iPhone Repair Shops Can Fix Your Smartphone.

Online iphone repair shops like MissionRepair, TechRestore, Milliamp LTD, iResQ or Rapid Repair offer services via mail-order, which means you will have to ship the phone that needs repair.

You should know that not all iPhone repair services are the same. There are some factors you need to consider before choosing a repair service:

You should take a look at the information we have put together about the major iPhone repair services to select the one that corresponds to your needs and budget.

Look at the prices offered as well as the customer service aids each service provides. You will probably be tempted to send your iPhone to the most affordable service you can find, but do not forget to take other costs into consideration, such as shipping, additional fees or posting charges.

After comparing different services, we selected Mission Repair as the best service available to iPhone owners, but there might be a better service for you depending on your situation and needs.

P.S.: There are coupons available for Mission Repair, which means you could save a lot on repair services.