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Is Mission Repair Right For You? In Depth Review of MR

The iPhone and iPod repair market is growing at an in an elevated rate. Mission Repair is now top in this business, and this is because of the way in which repair services are handled. Mission Repair have fast turn around time, offer multiple customer service choices, faster shipping among other customer-friendly services. This made us present MR top rating.

Mission Repair Standout Features

It doesn’t matter whether your iPod or iPad is new or old, at their services all devices get repaired. All formats listed are repaired; specifically they include 1st generation (G), 2nd generation (2G) and 3rd generation (3G) iPhones. You as customers get covered. This is independent of the models, and formats of the cell phone that you get repaired.

You might get scared because of the new models Apple keep releasing. This is because you might not be able to keep up with such trend, pocket wise. It is, therefore, a wise idea to identify a repair business that gets you covered on all models ever released by Apple. At Mission Repair, all service for all iPhone and iPod models is done notwithstanding the year of production or generation.

How Do You Proceed?

Mission Repair services span the entire globe. For lucky ones residing in Kansas, there is a brick and mortar place that will allow you to drop quickly or pick up your device. Mission Repair hires certified experts from Apple Macintosh.

The whole process is pretty easy. You just send your device to them either for evaluation or repair. Company sends you a package for a fee which allows you to securely send your device to their offices.

Mission Repair have versatile ways to secure an order made by you. By this your experience with Mission Repair usually leaves you the customer contented.

At MR, customers experience a very secure process during when their device is being handled by expert technicians. The security services offered by Mission Repair include substantial warranty and proper tracking of your order; this assists much when your device is ready for picking. Standout security features offered include shipping insurance on return orders.

90- Day warranty on most repairs also offered; so as a customer you need to be sure you indicate the desired option at check-out. This is because MR do not offer many options on warranty options. Also, secure socket layer payment method (SSL) is employed which ensures that all payment information is kept confidential.

Monitor Status is another of feature that allows track keeping for device when is still in repair. This will allow you to know how the repair progress of your device is going on.

Another marvelous service offered to you by Mission Repair is the 24 hour turnaround time on orders. This one of the fastest you’ve ever heard of.

To save on cost, you and decide to package the device yourself. As you do that always remember to remove your SIM card before mailing it to us.

Repair company also recycles old or damaged electronics. If you have an abandoned electronic, you can make some money by mailing it to us, where a cost evaluation is done to determine its worth.

MR's Customer Service

Inquisitive mind eager to know all things there is about MR will not be disappointed. Mission Repair also ensures that their clients are given plenty of customer service to choose from like offering chat, email and calling options. For beginners, Mission has an elaborate FAQ help are that will help solve many questions from the pricing and billing perspective. Detailed guarantee is also availed along with information about international shipping.

For those professionals with a tight schedule, who lack time to have chats with the customer, MR ensures a proactive answering that usually ensures that the client is satisfied.

For those who will choose to speak to a human, this company meets your needs once again. For those impressed by customer instant messaging services, they provide an elaborate chatting system at their disposal located on the upper left edge of their main page.

When you log into the weekend, you can leave an IM message with one of the available customer representatives. Who will be in touch with you the following morning?

MR also offers an email and toll-free phone support. If you have plans of contacting Mission Repair via an email, they have three fully operational email address for sales, shipping, and purchasing. This makes sure that your email is delivered to the right person, and you will get a reply a soon as possible.

MR Feedback

Feedback from Mission Repair clients creates a long trail of mostly positive personal testimonials.

I sent the phone off via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation on Monday from Ann Arbor. According to the USPS, my package arrived at 11:25 am. Less than 2 hours later, I received an email from Phil at MR letting me know they had received my iPhone and would fix it right away. They fixed it Wednesday, shipped it first thing Thursday morning, and I received my phone back in near-new condition on Friday in Los Angeles (I was traveling).
- Libby.
The computer was fixed in a day, and then they FedExed it back to me. They were quick, honest and efficient. I was really amazed; it was wonderful. I appreciated their honesty.
- Erica, Ca, customerlobby.com
I used mission repair two days ago. just recieved my iphone back its as good as new. really liked their fast service, my phone was recieved by them on wednesday 10:00am they had fixed it and shipped it back same day, today thursday i have my phone with me.
- hyder
I got my phone back the same day it was taken in for repair. And it looks exactly as it did before it took a dreadful fall onto tile. When my husband cracks the glass on his iphone, we’ll be back to Mission Repair.

- Brian Clay

Fun Repair Blog & Social Media Activities to Inform You More

Even businesses doing IPhone and iPod repair should take the opportunity of their social networking trends. One of the best Mission Repair’s stand out social networking topographies is their fun Repair Blog. Where they avail repair tips for their customers as well as keeping them updated on the arising ideas in their business. This is a rare feature to come along other cracked iPhone/iPad repair service providers.

Considering that a lot of repair work I rising up courtesy to the iPhone’s increasing popularity, many of the involved businesses are reluctant to provide the required full extent of community features that a lot of techs- savvy customers demand from them. With that in mind, company meets our expectations. They provide both Twitter and Facebook fan page. This enables the customers to have conversations and communicate their user experiences with Mission this gives the product higher consumer ratings.

Why They Have Such High Rating on Repair?

They have a very high rating because they offer superb services. This includes shipping and device recycling. While it is a necessity that they charge a faulty iPhone, which I a requirement if you have no any idea why it is not working. The cost incurred is always subtracted from your final bill. It is crucial that you note that the iPod evaluations are free.

Mission Repair’s very high quality, professional services makes it a magnificent place to repair your IPhone or IPod. From their awesome customer service and quick reply and many extra attributes that will make any doubting customer to yearn for their services. This makes Mission Repair on of the best-rated repair service in the market.

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